What We Do

River Logistics provides transportation services, domestic freight shipping,
international freight shipping, and freight management logistics designed
to optimize the efficiency of cargo by air, road, rail, and water.

Years Of Experience

Domestic and International Freight Company

River Logistics is a domestic and international freight shipping company designed to provide the most efficient and economical transportation solutions to manage freight. With more than 35 years of experience, we simplify the complexities of managing the entire heavy shipping process from pick-up to delivery including, but not limited to, ocean freight, LTL, FTL, intermodal, and cross border.

Logistics and Freight Management

As freight management and logistics experts, River Logistics has combined the network of modes of transportation to enhance delivery solutions. If you are interested in outsourcing freight management and logistics services, consider River Logistics as a third-party company with a wide range of expertise in the transportation industry. As a freight management company for both domestic and international transportation, as well as heavy shipping services, we can provide you with route optimization and rate negotiation.

There are three primary freight management sources by truck including private carriage, common carriage, and dedicated contract carriage. The cost of delay and low reliability can be very significant when shipping goods and commodities, and with River Logistics, an important component of our freight management sources is our ability to find comprehensive carriers that are dependable and have a reputation for success.

Our logistics team annually adjusts the traffic flow management daily to accommodate for the presence of capacity restrictions or requirements. River Logistics is happy to create a transportation method to suit the needs of your business and provide substantial adjustments to improve the efficiency of the transportation process. We look forward to being the freight management company you choose.