Air Freight Services

River Logistics offers air freight services and temperature-controlled air freight
services to accommodate your time-sensitive cargo requirements.

Air Freight Cargo

We offer a wide range of flexible, single-source air freight forwarding solutions & rates to meet your every need and budget. Some of our core services of air freight cargo include weekly consolidations, schedule reliability, worldwide contracts, blocked space protection, and highly competitive rates. Usually air freight cargo, even shipping globally, can have fewer touch points than ground or truckload transportation. We are also established with a variety of carriers, which means we can handle the shipping methods while you take care of your business operation.

River Logistics also provides global air freight shipping for non-containerized and special load equipment. Other air freight cargo services include:

  • Central negotiation point

  • Hazmat certified 

  • Air/sea solutions 

  • Bonded warehousing 

  • Insurance facilities

  • Heavy lift 

  • Merge-in transit 

  • Customer fulfillment in transit 

  • Fiscal duty representation 

  • Buyer consolidations

Domestic and International Air Freight Services

Our international air freight services are an ideal method of shipment transportation for commodities or goods that need to be delivered in a short period of time. We have diligent delivery systems for domestic and international air flight services to serve your needs. Our international network stretches across the globe and our proactive measures smooth the transportation process. 

One of the quickest ways to solve supply chain challenges is through air shipping, and if your time-sensitive, high value freight needs to be in a temperature-controlled air freight, River Logistics has you covered and can provide you with urgent shipping solutions. Moving goods from one country to another, or in some cases even across the country, can involve a large amount of paperwork and regulations. River Logistics is committed to assist in the arrangements of importing or exporting the goods that need to be transported.