Import Shipping Company

River Logistics is a reputable import shipping company providing international air services and international ocean freight services for
companies seeking to import and export goods and commodities across the globe.

International Air and Ocean Services

River Logistics provides import solutions to fit your transportation needs (add text) for international air and ocean services. Working with a global network of partners allows us to give your cargo the attention it requires for a seamless supply chain experience. Whether it’s an FCL, LCL, breakbulk or charters, our partners work with customs to obtain a clearance of your shipment, expediting clearance in the United States. (add text) Below are some of the international air services and ocean services we provide as an import shipping company with extensive experience and innovative logistics technologies:

International Air Services

  • Custom Handling

  • Bonds

  • Transportation management

  • Insurance

International Ocean Services

  • Freight Pre-Clearance

  • Bonds

  • Transportation Management

  • Insurance

  • AMS & ISF Filings

  • NVOCC Services

Our air and ocean transportation services offer an end-to-end chain of solutions and extend throughout the globe. The quickest method of freight shipping is international air services, and with our logistics algorithm, it simplifies the booking and management of air cargo so you can spend your valuable time and attention toward your business. River Logistics is an import shipping company ready to assist in overcoming the potential challenges in the international air transportation services. 

International ocean services and transportation involves a sophisticated and vast global network of logistics experts, partners, and carriers. Our global freight shipping experts can help find the best routes and understand the regulatory landscape of international ocean transportation. River Logistics can arrange the pickup and delivery of the international import of goods or can facilitate the entire process to meet a wide range of requirements for each country involved in the transportation of your commodities and goods.