Temperature-Controlled Freight

River Logistics provides access to carriers with temperature controlled freight services
for LTL and FTL that can efficiently transport goods sensitive to environmental conditions.

Temperature Controlled Cargo

We provide a wide range of freight solutions, domestic shipping, and global shipping options for temperature controlled freight and temperature controlled cargo. With an established level of trust with shipping lines, carriers, truck companies, and port operators, River Logistics can provide specialized services to transport goods from -30°C to +30°C (-30°F to 100°F) in a variety of ways.

We have nationwide coverage with many LTL and FTL carriers ranging from refrigerated LTL (aka “Reefer LTL”) to freeze protection to FTL frozen-food delivery. Multi-stop load options are also available, which can often be more cost-effective and allow for more freight carrier options. Our team of logistics professionals are confident the multi-temperature options and ability to move large containers to avoid breakdown in LTL and FTL carriers can save money and recovery times. 

Whether you need refrigerated transport, cold storage warehouse facilities, or other temperature-controlled cargo services, River Logistics has the resources and shipping systems you need to help regulate the thermal demands of your commodities and cargo. Standard operating policies and procedures of temperature-controlled cargo is vital, and we take those procedures seriously so your products are safely transported in a timely fashion. 

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight

We also provide temperature controlled air freight, which involves shipping methods for goods that require a long-distance import or export and need stable temperature control. We are pleased to specialize in flexible temperature-controlled shipping solutions and temperature-controlled air freight. If you are interested in more details and information about our global shipping for temperature controlled air freight or temperature controlled cargo services, please contact us.