Intermodal Transportation

We understand finding specialized containers for intermodal transport of cargo and freight
can be difficult, and with River Logistics, the organization process can be simplified and effective
for a wide range of intermodal shipping services.

Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal transportation can be an inexpensive and greener way of shipping freight. However, the use of multiple modes of transportation can require complex planning and longer lead times (add text) in domestic freight services or container shipping services. The River Logistics team makes the various transitions from road to rail and back to road seamless so you don’t have to worry about freight not being delivered as expected.

Intermodal shipping involves moving freight or containers by two or more modes of transportation. River Logistics will constantly keep you informed about the status of every shipment so you can have every confidence your freight is getting the attention it deserves from the moment it’s picked up to delivery at its final destination. (add text) Intermodal freight also consists of container shipping, which is raw materials and commodities transported in a variety of vehicles using small or large containers. 

Intermodal Services

  • Coast-to-coast coverage for your supply chain

  • Superior flexibility to accommodate volume surges

  • HAZMAT certified carriers

  • Transparent tracking

  • Flexible consolidation options to optimize your shipping

  • Expedited rates when your shipment needs to meet a tight deadline

Domestic & International Intermodal 

Part of our unique logistics services involving domestic and international intermodal services is our ability to avoid congestion in the flow of intermodal volumes. We allow accommodations to be made and our technologies to provide better visibility in the terminal circumstances. Through the integration of different carriers like rail, truck-load, vessels, and more, we have the capability to support distinct and specialized companies. If you have any questions about our domestic and international intermodal systems, please contact us.