Freight Management

We provide a comprehensive solution for domestic and international
freight shipping services with our freight management software designed for order
management and load optimization.

Freight Shipping Services

Our freight management experts will listen to your goals and can provide industry guidance to simplify the shipping process and improve the logistical effectiveness. We can transport commodities and cargo by ground, sea, and air with our freight management logistic program that can maximize your truckload capacity in a reliable and cost-effective way. 

River Logistics can be your company’s guide to create efficiencies and standardize operations in freight shipping. We are pleased to explore a variety of saving options based on our service requirements and can plan, coordinate, and execute a shipping solution plan for your freight needs. Freight is often transported in bulk, and we can transport goods to and from major ports domestically and internationally.

International Freight Shipping

International freight shipping involves shipping cargo and commodities in a time-sensitive manner to or from an international destination. River Logistics, we can help assert taxes, duties, and documentation for international freight shipping. Proper documentation in international freight is essential, specifically when truck transportation is involved.

International freight shipping can be a complex process, and our team of experienced freight management and logistic professionals can communicate the company’s knowledge to help your international shipment be delivered to its destination on time. Make sure you have or are familiar with the following documents:

  • Packing list

  • Certificate of Origin

  • U.S. Customs Invoice

  • Bills of Lading

  • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction

  • Bank Draft

For more information about our freight and international freight shipping services, please contact us and we will respond in a timely manner. We look forward to being the freight management company you choose.

Our freight experts will listen to your goals and give you an extra hand to reach them. Whether you need industry guidance or you want us to handle it all, we’ll make freight shipping a lighter load for you.

Freight Management Solutions

Guidance from logistics experts

Create efficiencies and standardize operations

Explore savings options based on your service requirements

Access expertise and support so you can focus on your business.