Oceanic Freight

River Logistics is an ocean freight company offering sea freight shipping services
that have become increasingly faster, more reliable, and remain among the
most advantageous modes of economical international transportation.

Ocean Freight Shipping Services

To meet your unique routing and transit-time needs, consider River Logistics and our wide range of resources and core services to access vessels, cargo ships and carriers for global shipping. Whether you are new to the global shipping market or are seasoned in the global shipping process, it can be confusing to navigate; and with our ocean freight shipping services, we can provide the insight and information you need to expand your business methodically and efficiently. 

Core Sea Freight Services

  • Weekly consolidations 

  • Schedule reliability 

  • Worldwide FCL & LCL contracts 

  • Blocked space protection 

  • Multi-modal door-to-door 

  • Competitive rates

Expanded Global Shipping Services

  • Non-containerized special load equipment 

  • Central negotiation point 

  • Hazmat certified

  • Air/sea solutions 

  • Bonded warehousing 

  • Insurance facilities

Value-added in Ocean Freight Services

  • R/O-R/O availability

  • Heavy lift

  • Merge-in transit

  • Customer fulfillment in transit

  • Fiscal duty representation

International Sea Freight

Our international sea freight services consist of transporting large amounts of goods or commodities using carrier ships and cargo ships. We use powerful, accurate freight calculation tools and have experienced professionals that can specify the dates or details to assist you in facilitating the logistics of your international shipments. 

River Logistics is pleased to provide you with transparent information to arrange international freight shipping services. Please contact River Logistics if there are any inquiries regarding our ocean freight services including, but not limited to, R/O-R/O, heavy lift, FCL contracts, LCL contracts, and more. We work diligently to provide exceptional customer service so you can focus on building your business.